"First, we must deal with Lucy," said the professor. "Now she is dead, she too will become a vampire..."

I read "Dracula" written by Bram Stoker. This is a story about vampire. Jonathan Harker arrives at creepy Castle Dracula. Strange things happen frequently after meeting  Count Doracula. One day, Jonathan notices that Doracula is a vampire. After that, Lucy who is a friend of Mina who is his wife was attacked by Doracula. Lucy becomes sick and  three fiances make an effort to save her, but she dies and becomes a vampire. After that Mina was attacked by Dracula, too. Can Jonathan save her and defeat it?

If I saw my close friend was attacked by someone, I would help her without hesitation. On the contrary, my friend has other opinion. She will call for help because if I was attacked by someone too, it is bad. 

This scene is left in the impression that the professor tried to kill Lucy when she became a vampire. If my lover completely changed his soul, I wouldn't be able to kill him because the body remains his one.

I recommend this book because it is famous story in the world. If you haven't read it yet, you should read. Also, the cover is terrible and it attracts our interest.



The Happy Prince

"You are blind now," he says.  "Let me stay with you always."

Today I read "The Happy Prince" written by Oscar Wilde. The happy prince is the statue covered all over with thin leaves of gold, and it has two bright sapphires in it's eyes, and there is a large red ruby on his sword. The happy prince has kind heart and helps people in need with the little Swallow. He gives the parts of body as a result he lost his eyes. Also, the Swallow dies because of winter cold. The Swallow have to go to Egypt to alive, but he don't do that. The happy prince's heart breaks in two due to sadness. After that they are taken to heaven and live happily ever after.

I wonder that is The Happy Prince truly happy? That is because he lost his close friend although he helped many people. If the swallow went to Egypt earlier, he wouldn't have died. I was asked by my friend that "What is the meaning of the story?" I answered that he wanted to tell us we should cherish the most important thing.

I recommend this book because the story has various interpretations. It is good to exchange own opinions each other. If you haven't read this book, you should read it.


The Story of Heidi

"I've come for Heidi," she announced. "I should never have left her with you in the first place." "No," cried Heidi, suddenly afraid. "I like it here. I want to stay with Grandfather."

Today I read "The story of Heidi". From now, I will introduce the summary. Heidi's Aunt Dete take her to her Grandfather's house. Then she is getting used to living with him. She makes friends named Peter. She enjoyed the living there. However, they are separated from Aunt Dete so that Clara can make friend to keep her company.  After few days later, Heidi becomes homesick and back her hometown with Clara. Heidi and Clara seems to be close, so Peter gets jealous of her. What will he do and happen?

In my opinion, Heidi grew up in a unhappy home environment, so I guess she needs money. If she went to Dete's house, she wouldn't have trouble with money. But I think that she cherish the living with her grandfather. I wondered if everyone would choose fun life or money? Most of the people said they choose fun life.

This is one of the famous story in the world, but I have never read this book. Heidi was very playful and cute girl. I think that Clara couldn't have stood up without Heidi. I heard that this book have sequel, so I want to try them.



"Hail Macbeth, Lord of Cawdor, and future king of Scotland!"
Today I read  ”Macbeth” , based on the play by William Shakespeare. Macbeth is a general. One day Macbeth and his friend Banquo see three witches and hear that Macbeth will become king of Scotland. From then he come to want to be king of Scotland. After that he talk about that to his wife, she entice him to kill King Duncan so that he can be king. That changes his personality. What will become of him in the end?

If I were told to do bad things by close person, I would refuse to do that. Also, I think that I should break off a relationship with such person. I want to get along with people who have a good influence on me. In addition, I thought that desire is good thing to be active, but sometimes it can be horrible. I recommend you read this book because I think it is important to read some literary works.

著者 : Conrad Mason
Usborne Publishing Ltd
発売日 : 2008-10-31


Here Comes the Strikeout

"I will work hard, " said Bobby.

"I want to be a good hitter."

     I read "Here Comes the Strikeout" . This book is about a boy's effort and success. The main character is Bobby. he plays baseball, but he is not good at hitting the balls. He become sad because everyone don't choose him as their team. He tried to practice many times and improve her skill. At the end, he take part in the game. Can he play an active role? 
     I truly realized that it is important to practicing hard. I want to keep working hard without giving up. My favorite character in this book is Willie. He is good at hitting the balls and he teaches Bobby how to hit them. I think that Willie is very kind person because he never to behave proudly to him and cheer her up. I want to be someone like him in the future. I like this book because I like this story and character in this book, so I recommend that you read this book.

The White Stones

'Open the door!' you shout, but nobody comes.

I am an archaeologist. I go to the island of Skaran in Ireland to study the megalithic stones. I meet a person and she speak that  'The people on the island don't like archaeologists.' , but she just want to research the Megalithic culture of Ireland. After she arrive there, she become to realize that something is wrong for me. For example, trees happen to fall in front of her, the car behind her follow her at high speed, and so on. There are very strange things. Can you solve this mystery? The book series is Oxford Bookworms Library. I like this book series because the ends depend on me. That's very interesting for me. I recommend you read this book.


The Josefina Story Quilt

"But if she makes any trouble, OUT SHE GOES!"
I read 'The Josefina Story Quilt'. A girl named Faith wants to have a hen. She named it Josefina. She asks her parents to have it, and her father agrees to do that on condition that it will be good. Later, when faith put down the wagon with Josefina in it and let Josefina out for a stretch, a dog run up. Josefina is very surprised and upset, so it squawk and run. Her father become angry to see that and she was given one more chance to have Josefina. What do you think Josefina will do in the end? I like this story because Faith's father was negative about having Josefina at first, but he gradually regard it as family. I recommend that you read this book.

Mystery on the Island

"I think that woman is in trouble."
I read "Mystery on the Island".  This book is about young people's justice.
One day, David, John and Daniela happen to see that a man is taking a woman to a big boat. The man looks very big and strong. They think that she is in a trouble. Then they try to ask the police officer for help, but they have no clues, so the police officer cannnot work. Later, they find the big boat again and follow it. Why is the big man taking a woman to a big boat? I thought that the woman got involved in  an accident, but it was not. I cannot expect the fact of mystery from the cover. I think it is nice that young people tryed to help a woman.  This book series is Foundations Reading Library. This is easy to read. I like this series because it has many kinds of stories. I recommend that you read this series. 


Journey to Mars

" 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... " " BLAST OFF! "
               The space ship shakes as it goes up into the sky. 

I read 'Journey to Mars'. The story is about a journey to Mars.
I go to Mars with Buck and Maki. We are all astronaut.
They find wormhole after the space ship is launched.
They decide to enter it, but they find it dangerous to do that. However it's too late.
Then you wake up and find that Buck is trying to kill Maki!
Maki ask me to shoot him, but I don't do that because I thought I should wait.
Then, Buck grabs the blaster from my hand to kill myself. He become crazy.
Also, the space ship will self-destruct within one minute. They are tried to escape from Buck and the space ship to survive, but... Do you think that we can survive? I am interested in space, so I choose this book. This book is in Atama-ii Books series. This series makes us to choose the story by ourselves, so it is interesting. I recommend this series to you.


Clothes Then and Now

'Do we always wear the same clothes? Of course not! We wear different clothes when we do different things.' (p.4)

Clothes Then and Now に対する画像結果
 Do you like clothes? What is your important point when you choose clothes? I read a book weitten about clothes. This book said clothes have many functions. For example, they stay cool or warm, look good and send messages to other people. Also this book was written about the kinds of materials to make them. For example, wool, cotton, and linen. When I come to think of them, we wear differnt kinds of clothes every day. 

This book tells us how important clothes are. It is very interesting. I recommend that everyone read this book!

Clothes Then and Now. Oxford Read and Discover.
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'Go. Watch. Listen. Why are they there? What are they doing? I want some answers.' (p.7)

THE CARIBBEAN FILE cambridge に対する画像結果A British gent, Munro undertook an important job. That is the investigation about two men. One man was Asian and his name was Sam Tajik. The other man was German or Scandinavian and his name was Jonas Beck. From what he heard, they are dangerous terrorists. However, there are some mysterious things. That is because Beck always works in Europe, but he was saw in the Caribbean. Also, Tajik hated Europeans, but he gots along with Beck. What do you think about that? Please check this book.

This book tells us that adults must not  involve children in conflicts. This book was difficult to predict the story and interesting, so I recommend that you read this book.

THE CARIBBEAN FILE. Cambridge English Readers.   
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"First, we must deal with Lucy," said the professor. "Now she is dead, she too will become a vampire..." I read &quo...